I have done many things in life. Indeed, morphing through changes seems to be my life motive, and my raison d’etre.

Originally, as a journalist, I started low, as a local sports correspondent, but gradually reached the golden heights of working with Reuters news agency, significantly after an initial nudge by the famous Croatian photo-journalist Jasmin Krpan.

As my homeland plunged into the civil war I was invited by Reuters to go to London, and there I slid into the world of television production. The nudger (and much more than that) this time was no one less than the big boss of Formula One, Bernard Ecclestone. That was just fine: the sport has been my deep love ever since childhood.

After travelling the world extensively for 13 years, there loomed a new change: returning home to Croatia, and starting life in property development, magazine editing, television anchoring and even running my own F1 website.

And through all this there burned somewhere deep inside, well hidden but strong and hot, the passion for photography. It has always been present – but there was never enough time to pursue it properly. A classic story. There was always this standard need to earn a living, and never enough courage to jump off the lucrative world of TV production (or whatever else) and follow my instinct.

That is until now. All that was missing, really, was a clear and loud decision. And when it came, it seemed so natural.

Photography-wise, this CV is rather skinny. No exhibition lists, no works in big collections. Sporadically, some photos have been published, almost as a by-product of journalistic endeavours, but nothing of real importance or, indeed, ambition.

So, this may be the beginning, but it feels as if it has always been with me: an honest and ultimate pursuit of a perfect photograph. No more, no less.


1958                 Born in Zagreb (Yugoslavia)
1973                 Learning photography
1979                 Studying journalism, Zagreb (Yugoslavia)
1981                 Journalist at ˝Sportske novosti˝ daily, Zagreb (Yugoslavia)
1983                 Journalist at ˝SN Revija˝ weekly, Zagreb (Yugoslavia)
1984                 Journalist and editorial member at ˝Start˝ magazine, Zagreb (Yugoslavia)
1986                 Journalist at ˝Reuters˝, Zagreb and Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
1991                 Journalist at ˝Reuters˝, London (UK)
1992                 TV editor at Formula One Management, London (UK)
1995                 TV producer at FOM, London (UK)
1997                 Executive TV producer at FOM, London (UK)
1999                 Executive bord member at FOM, London (UK)
2005                 Editor-in-chief, ˝F1 Racing˝, Pula (Croatia)
2006                 TV anchorman, ˝Studio F1˝, Zagreb (Croatia)
2007 –               Free-lance production consultant, FOM, London (UK)
2011                 TV anchorman and live TV commentator, ˝F1 Cafe˝, Zagreb (Croatia)
2012                 Editor of own F1 website
2014 –              Photographer – at last!, Pula (Croatia)
2015 –              Photography website

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