I like to photograph everything, but my real passion is getting photos of people. I guess it’s something a lot of photographers like in theory, but actually often feel intimidated when facing total strangers and attempt to take photos of them.

I feel the same. However, I’ve discovered very few people hate you outright for taking pictures of them. One reason might be the abundance of photography-taking devices nowadays – so everybody shoots everything, including the ubiquitous selfies. So being photographed is not a big novelty or drama any more. And also, I do it as stealthily as possible. Yes, it’s perfect to get people’s eyes looking right into the camera, but I try to do it before they are fully aware that I am after them. That’s the best way to do it. Almost everybody, once they realise you are taking their photos, immediately starts to act. Which, of course, is not so good.

And if, and this is very rare, somebody objects loudly, I win them over by saying how their face is simply too wonderful / interesting not to be photographed. This seldom fails and I get away with it.

London | 2012

London | 2012

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